Art is more than a picture on the wall or a piece of sculpture. To me, art defines mood and personality.

I love the play of light across the landscape, or the texture of a piece of wood, or the food we eat. Lines and shape of an object are influenced by light and color. Color and texture set a mood, and play with our feelings as we observe our environment.

Art should portray all those things and should keep us coming back for more. I feel that the art we choose for our environment has a lot to do with our personalities, our moods and our lives. It is meant to be enjoyed and felt on an on-going basis.

I grew up being taught art. My mother was an artist and a teacher. i can remember sitting in my high chair with watercolors. No doubt her way of keeping a toddler out of mischief while she worked...

Growing up in a remote rugged area of Texas taught me a lot about life. I was taught from early age to watch the nature around me, to observe the light and shadows and how they played with texture and lines. My mother taught me to notice the details and the big picture. When looking at my art, you can easily see the influence of these early lessons.

As an adult I studied oil painting and art from various professionals. Then one day I purchased a 35mm camera to take pictures to paint from. That's how I got hooked on the camera! I studied photography with the School of Modern Art and got my first professional job as an industrial photographer and darkroom technician in 1979.  From that job I opened my own studio in 1984, specializing in portraiture, with some commercial and fine art photography thrown into the mix. I must admit my real love of photography was in the fine art section, but the making a living for my family was a necessity, so my photography was turned toward portraiture.

In 1996 I was forced to sell my studio due to an eye disease which prevented me from focusing a camera. Since my husband has been disabled for many years, it behooved me to earn the living, so I reverted to accounting, which my parents had insisted I learn before studying art.

In 2003 a cure was found for the eye disease and happy days are here again! I invested in digital art, and found my true niche in photography! I fell in love with the unlimited abilities of digital photography. I still love the photography of nature, landscapes and still life subjects, but am trying to see just how far my artist's eye can lead.  

My grandson declared I have OCD  (obsessive camera disorder, he clarified). I must concur.


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